Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rainy days and mondays

Well.  I had intended to try and put a short something in here every day but.... right off the bat I'm skipping days.   That figures as I've been skipping days running too.   No worries though.  Today was my first day back after the Marathon, just trying to shake the cobwebs out.  Been a bit longer than it should have been but I am happy I took the extra couple days as my head seems to be cool with running again.   That's a good thing.
The legs were a bit achy but it seemed to be all just regular aches and pains after the marathon, not the hip pain etc. I was having earlier.  Gonna run some on the mountain this weekend and try and get back on schedule next week for real.
Today was a double - Slow lunch run for 5 miles and faster run tonight at Fleet Feet for 4.5ish

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