Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pain in the neck

It's 12:30am on Monday morning 6/18/2012, just about 5 days before the start of the Western States 100 trail run that I've trained since Mountain Mist (5 months) for.  What am I doing up.  Well I'm in too much pain to sleep.  Seems a bit over a week ago, deep into my 3 week taper, I tripped and fell on a little 4 mile jog on the White Loop, fell hard and subsequently have acquired a Herniated Disk in my neck.  Disk C5-6 to be exact.  This has been a disaster of a week, running from Dr. to Dr. and therapist to therapist trying anything I can to get myself back in the game for my goal race.  Bottom line...  Take some heavy anti inflammatorys and wait.  See what happens.  Well, I'm over halfway through my prescription now and I'm not optimistic.  The pain is horrible tonight and even the narcotic pain killers I got on Friday are not helping.  Devastating...
My goals have all been adjusted, if I actually take the start, I'm now gunning for a 30 hour finish at best.  The risk of additional damage is just too scary to go run 100 miles, I'm going to see how far I can walk it.  Well, I may jog a bit here and there, but if this pain doesn't settle down I may just be standing in pain cheering on David Riddle and Chad Ayres the other two local runners going (well, David is no longer local but close enough).   Anyway, this will definitely be interesting.   At the rate of blog posts I write, you may never hear how it went (ha!) but I'll do my best to put something down.

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